Thank You & You’re Welcome

I’ve said it before, but I never really intended to make this blog public.  I started it for my own sanity and release, then decided to share it with our families as a way of keeping them updated.  Then I decided to share it with a few of our friends, and then a few more, and so on.

And now here we are, sharing our journey with people all over the country and world, some of whom we’ve never even met!  I am humbled and thankful to those of you who have encouraged us and commented that you’re praying with us for Corey’s healing.  And to those of you who have complimented and encouraged me on the writing of our story, a big and humble thank you.  Writing has definitely become a cathartic release during this process.

I come by my love for words honestly.  My father, Rick L. Souza, is an excellent speaker, a missionary and lover-of-Christ who’s traveled the world and spoken to countless thousands of people, from CEOs to pastors in some of the poorest countries on earth.  And my mother, Sharon K. Souza, is an amazingly gifted author of inspirational women’s fiction.  She writes with humor and wit and candor and a rawness that will leave you wanting to read more, more, more.  They are two of my biggest supporters and encouragers.

So, if I may, I invite you to jump on over to to check out some of my mother’s work.  Her latest novel, What We Don’t Know, is a beautifully written story and is, to date, my favorite of her books.  (I may or may not say that with every new release). And you’re welcome, because you will most definitely thank me after reading any of her books!