A Bit About Us

Thanks for visiting! We’re Corey, Mindy, Jayden & Abbie, and we live north of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Corey is originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (where God lives, as he tells it).  He is the youngest of 3 brothers (and a bunch of cousins who are like siblings).  His parents have been married for more than 50 years and live in the same house Corey was born and raised in.  Mindy is from Northern California (where, you guessed it, God lives, as she tells it).  She is the middle of 3 siblings (one of whom now lives with Jesus) and her parents have been married more than 40 years.

As for us, we’ve been married nearly 13 years and lived in California for the better part of a decade after getting married.  We moved to WA in 2013 (turns out God lives here too…) when Corey accepted a new job and we immediately fell in love with our new surroundings.  The key to this becoming “home” was getting plugged in to an amazing church where we’ve made forever friends, and moving into the best neighborhood ever, with block parties, BBQs, water fights & s’mores all summer long, and sledding down the hill on snowy days in the winter, “can you grab my kids when they get off the bus, I’m running late from an appointment” kind of phone calls with the other moms in the neighborhood and a bajillion kids who all love playing outside and using their imaginations.  We love our Washington “framily!”

We are imperfect people who work hard and try our best to raise kids who love Jesus and others passionately and cherish family.  Family is super important to us and we are blessed to have amazing families in California and Idaho where we road trip to whenever possible.

Thanks for visiting our blog and walking a block or two down this road with us.  We pray you are as blessed by our journey as we are by your prayers.

Souzas Grants