Life Hacks & Choosing Trust

I just put Preparation H under my eyes, you guys.  No, really.  In the absence of some super-fancy, totally-guaranteed-to-make-you-look-21 $800 eye cream, “they” say it’s a great de-puffing life hack.

Life hacks are an actual thing.  Look ’em up.  (I’m trying boiled and cooled tea bags next.)

And lest you think I’m substituting life hacks for “casting all my cares on Him,” don’t worry, I’m not.  I’m using them in conjunction with trust.  Really.  In fact, my devotion this morning started with, “Trusting Me is a moment-by-moment choice.”  It is, and I am.

Also, I turned 43 yesterday and the bags-under-the-eyes struggle is real.

Anyway, I digress.

Corey’s doing pretty well.  The biggest WIN over the past 5 days of treatment is that he hasn’t had any nausea.  I can not overstate how much Corey detests throwing up and the lengths he will go to to avoid it, so this is, indeed, a very big win for him.  So far the biggest and most-noticeable side effect is fatigue.  They said that would be the #1 side effect, and it sure has been.

Friday & Saturday were pretty good.  Remember the Swedish-pancake-making and lawn-mowing?  I’m not sure if he was really feeling that good, or if sheer stubbornness and force of will led him to get out there and do what he wanted/thought he should be doing.  Those of you who really know Corey just chuckled at that. Those of you who don’t know Corey should know he is i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.y stubborn.  By Sunday afternoon he was a stick-a-fork-in-me level of D.O.N.E.  He had his second chemo injection yesterday (in addition to taking a chemo pill at home every night) and asked the nurse about it.  She reminded him that he’s just starting down this road, we’re only on Day Five of several months of treatment, so he’ll feel the side effects more and more each day as more and more of the drugs enter and overtake his system.

Corey’s a night owl.  All the Grants are.  Being in bed before midnight is an unwritten cardinal sin among the Grants.  And for Corey, who is pretty sanguine in his personality, he can’t help but feel he’ll miss out on some great thing if he goes to bed too early.  “Sleep.  Sleep is the only ‘great thing’ you’ll miss out on if you go to bed at a decent hour!”  This has been an oft-repeated argument throughout our 13 years of marriage, as I am a morning person.  Those of you who really know me just chuckled at that. Those of you who don’t know me should know ‘I am a morning person’ in that I like to get up early so I can ease into my day by talking to no one (NO. ONE.) for at least the first hour I’m awake. In fact, my sweet friend Ann gave me a coffee mug for my birthday yesterday that says, “but first… coffee.”  Aaahhh… such truth in those words.

Anyway, as the fatigue level has inched up day-by-day, Corey, my night owl, has been going to bed earlier and earlier, which I think is a great thing – because that means I can go to bed earlier too!  Honestly, he’s not loving this but I keep reminding him that he’s in uncharted waters here and that he has to listen to his body.  When it’s telling him he needs to rest, he needs to rest.  He’s basically scaling Everest internally every. single. day.  and it’s in the resting hours that his body is doing all the repair work.

Psalm 16:7 says, “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.”  Psalm 16 is my favorite Psalm, the one I’ve taken the title of this blog [Unshaken] from, and my prayer this week has been that while Corey sleeps, the Lord will “counsel” his spirit; that healing and total health will begin in his mind and spread outward from there.  So if you think about it, pray that way with me, would you?

The tea bags should be cooled now, so excuse me while I go apply them.  I’ll let you know if they work…


20 thoughts on “Life Hacks & Choosing Trust

  1. I heard that Prep H works too, so I went and bought a tube of it last month. However, I have been too nervous to use it….afraid my face might develop hemorrhoids–yikes!:) Remember when Corey had a really bad sunburn on his feet, so he soaked them in a bowl of water with tea bags in it? I don’t know if it helped his feet, but maybe you’ll have better luck with your eyes! Love you guys bunches!!!

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  2. My dear you are amazing! Corey is blessed to have you by his side while walking this path. Your faith builds mine—every.single.time I read your blogs. Praying as you request honey. We love you all! Hugs!

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  3. Your sense of humor blows my mind. That said, I’m so proud of your level of trust and faith, and how you’re handling this. You’re certainly a blessing to Corey and your children, but you’re a blessing to all who read your words of faith and encouragement. I love you.


  4. Can’t say enough how I love you & are praying with you, Corey, Jayden & Abbie for total & complete healing. I spoke at FHTC chapel last night on Prov 3:5. I told the men than my life’s theology has boiled down to one sentence, “you either trust the Lord 100% or not at all, you can’t partially trust Him.” You exemplify trust in Him. So very proud of you.


  5. Mindy, I had no idea your family was climbing Mt. Everest. The amazing part about the climb is the gorgeous view from the top.

    As I read your blog, I remember a verse we heard many times at Century, “By His stripes we’re healed”. That wasn’t just for those way back when -in Bible times- that’s for Corey – that’s for you – that’s for me and everyone else. Our healing won’t come when we want or how we want – but in HIS perfect timing – in HIS perfect way. I know you know this – and I know You know God is with you – what you may not know is exactly how many people are standing by your side – in your corner – joining you in your War Room to see victory for your family.

    Love you lady and will be praying daily for your MIRACLE.

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  6. My goodness Mindy, I had no idea about Corey! Why does life have to be so rough, I know plenty of people I’d volunteer to take his place! Please know we’re praying for you guys. Also let me know about the prep h I have enough baggy saggy places. And where should I sign up for your blog? Love you guys!

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    • Ha! Thanks, Tina! I appreciate your prayers & support. There should be a “follow” button on your screen when you go to the Home page. If not, fill out the Contact part and I’ll add you with whatever email you put in there. Love ya, friend!


  7. John and I are reading this, he has tears running down his face. Corey is one of his longest friendships. We will be standing in prayer for him, and all of you.
    Miss and love you guys, Mindy 😘
    PS I hear teabags with caffeinated tea work great 😉

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  8. Hi Mindy, my name is Chery Kaufman, Corey would know me as Chery Hurley, I’m the mother of Mike, John and Josh Hurley. Our family has known the Grants for 30 plus years, our boys grew up together, especially Corey and my oldest son Mike, they played basketball together at Coeur ‘d Alene high. My middle son John called me last night and told me about Corey’s diagnosis, I am so sorry!! I know a little bit about multiple myeloma, I had a friend who had it. Please give Corey a big hug from me and tell him that all of us will be holding him and all of you up in prayer. Also let Art and Marjorie know we are praying for them too. Much love to all, Chery


  9. Hi Mindy–
    This is Erika Moore. Candace and Corey’s from Cda. Well Auburn now….

    Anyways, my husband and I are praying for Corey and your family. Please tell Corey that he is our prayers. And please let’s us know if there is anything we can do.

    In His Name

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